Economy of Greece

Greek economy ‘improving despite successive crises’

Alternate Finance Minister Thodoros Skylakakis referred to the bright prospects of the Greek economy at an event for the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, Greece 2.0, held in Kozani: "In the coming years, Greece - and Western Macedonia - is sure to experience an economic and investment boom, as long as the current policy of reforms and fiscal stability continues," he pointed out.

ATHEX: Bourse grows just over 10% in January

January ended at the Greek stock market with 10.01% growth for the main index, after it suffered a minor decline on Tuesday in a mixed session. While some fellow eurozone bourses took heavier losses on the day, Athinon Avenue saw its expected profit-taking to be small and targeted, while banks enjoyed another day of price gains.

ATHEX: Benchmark on verge of 1,000 points

The benchmark of the Greek stock market took another leap on Monday to get closer to the psychologically significant 1,000-point mark, as bank stocks led the bourse index to a new eight-year high. This first testing of the waters around 1,000 points showed the milestone may prove easier to attain than the previous one - i.e.

ATHEX: Stocks index remains on rising course

Greek stocks maintained their growth momentum for another day on Tuesday, despite the attention the issue of the 10-year sovereign bond commanded, with the main index climbing to another eight-year high. Even when European bourses headed lower and some traders indulged in profit-taking, buyers retained the upper hand, with the benchmark edging ever closer to 1,000 points.