Economy of Greece

Dimand: Marianna Latsi and George Elliott (Orasis) are new shareholders

Latsco Hellenic Holdings (the family office of Marianna Latsi) and Orasis (the fund of George Elliott) will invest about 25 million euros in Dimand as cornerstone investors, acquiring a total of 8.92% of the company after the increase of share capital and while the company will now be listed on the Stock Exchange.

Greek Stats Authority sees inflation close to 12% will announce GDP performance

As the government measures its fiscal stance to announce new consumer-intervention measures, a week of revelations is coming starting tomorrow, both on the inflation front and on GDP. The financial staff expects to see the impact on the economy from the high levels of inflation in the economy and revenue.

Recovery Fund: Greece received the first 3.6 billion euros – The 9 projects that are starting

The first payment of 3.6 billion euros was received today, Friday, by our country from the Fund for Recovery and Resilience. The European Commission positively evaluated the relevant request, sent by the person in charge of the implementation of the Greek Program, Deputy Minister of Finance, Mr. Thodoros Skylakakis, after the fulfillment of the 15 milestones.

European Commission Expects more than a Double Jump in Inflation in Bulgaria

Inflation in Bulgaria will more than double compared to 2021. From 2.8 percent it will become 6.3%.

This is according to the European Commission's winter economic forecast announced today.

In the inflation table for this year, a higher percentage of our country is projected only for Poland (6.8), Lithuania (6.7) and Slovakia (6.4). Poland is outside the Eurozone.

Why Moody’s didn’t upgrade Greece

Moody's proceeded to explain the reasons why it did not upgrade Greece's credit rating from Ba3.

In a new report, the rating agency says that further progress in reforms that will boost investment and growth, the rapid reduction of the debt ratio and the normalization of the banking sector are the factors that will "signal" the upgrade from the current Ba3 with stable prospects.