Economy of Russia

Bulgartransgaz: At this stage, the Supply of Russian Gas to Bulgaria has not been Interrupted

"At this stage, Russian gas supplies to Bulgaria have not been interrupted so far," Vladimir Malinov, executive director of the Bulgarian gas network operator Bulgartransgaz, told Reuters.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Energy announced that Gazprom had informed the Bulgarian state gas company Bulgargaz that it would suspend gas supplies from Wednesday.

Bulgaria has received an official Request to Pay for Russian Gas in Rubles

Bulgaria has received an official letter from Gazprom demanding that the payment for Russian gas be in rubles. This was confirmed to Nova TV by Energy Minister Alexander Nikolov.

Our country agrees with the common position of the European Union that it will not comply with the change of currency.

The EU will Start a Total Economic war Against Russia

The European Union will launch a total economic war against Russia. This was stated by the Minister of Finance of France Bruno Le Maire in an interview with France Info radio.

"We will launch a total economic and financial war against Russia," the minister said. "The Russian people will bear the consequences."

Oil hit the 100 USD a Barrel Record - World Stock Markets Collapsed

Oil prices have surpassed 0 per barrel, and stock prices around the world have collapsed after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a "military operation" in Ukraine with a hint of a bigger war.

Exchanges have collapsed since earlier this week after the Kremlin recognized two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine on Monday night and later sent "peacekeepers" to them.

Russia Expels US Deputy Ambassador

Russia has expelled US Deputy Ambassador Bart Gorman, Russia Today reports. According to media sources, Washington is planning retaliation after Moscow expelled a senior US diplomat. According to TASS, citing a source from the US embassy in the Russian capital, Gorman was urged to leave the country immediately. It is unclear what motives Moscow has given for the expulsion.