‘Hidden’ hikes in power bills

The price of electricity per kilowatt-hour may have been decreasing continuously in recent months following the de-escalation of the price of natural gas, but the total electricity bill still happens to have increased and is even expected to increase further in the coming months.

Unemployment down 7.8% in May

Registered unemployment fell 7.8% in May, totaling 854,181, compared with May 2022 and fell by 7.9% in comparison with April 2023, public employment service DYPA said in a report on Tuesday.

More specifically, 507,209 people, or 59.4% of total unemployed are long-term unemployed, while unemployed men accounted for 292,389 (34.2%) and women 561,792 (65.8%).

Bulgaria’s Minister of Social Affairs: From July 1 the Minimum Pension will be 523 Leva

After July 1, pensions will increase by 12%, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Ivanka Shalapatova told bTV.

She stated that Finance Minister Asen Vassilev confirmed that there is money in the budget for the increase in pensions under the so-called swiss rule

This means that pensions from 467 leva will increase to 523 leva.

Wages rising in Japan but inflation eats away at consumer gains

Wages are rising in Japan more than they have in decades, at least for some workers.

But so are prices, leaving many people feeling they must scrimp more than ever.

In May, the consumer price index was up 3.2 percent from a year earlier, well above the central bank's target of about 2 percent.