Flexible ‘penalty’ for retirees?

The New Democracy party, which is poised to win the June 25 election, is planning for a more flexible pension reduction regime for retirees who still want to work, with the aim of legalizing their employment, but also of staffing businesses that are unable to fill job vacancies with experienced employees.

The European Commission is preparing to create a Digital Euro

The European Commission is preparing to create a digital euro, it became clear from a draft law seen yesterday by DPA.

Consumers in Eurozone countries will be able to pay with the digital euro in a variety of ways, for example through their smartphones or smartwatches.

This payment method differs from paying by debit or credit card, DPA notes.

From floating to fixed rates

The banking market is witnessing a trend of conversion of mortgage loans that were contracted with a floating interest rate into a long-term fixed interest rate (mainly five years), as the persistence of inflation at high levels continues to make borrowers nervous about the evolution of interest rates after the end of the freeze that banks have implemented.

Greek Secretary for Tourism: The Cradle of Western Civilization is a Wonderful Year-Round Destination - Visit Greece and "You'll want to Stay Forever"

The Greek General Secretary for Tourism Mrs. Olympia Anastasopoulou was in Sofia last week, where she participated in the 68th Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for Europe. The General Secretary met with her Bulgarian counterpart and the two discussed tourism issues between Bulgaria and Greece. Mrs. Anastasopoulou was kind enough to give an exclusive interview for

BoC dips toe in CoCo market

Spain's BBVA and Bank of Cyprus reopened the market with the issuance of the first euro-denominated contingent convertible bonds (CoCo) since the rescue of Credit Suisse in March, in what is seen as an attempt to restore confidence in the banks' riskiest debt instruments.

Optimism grows among management consultants in Greece

Management consultants are more optimistic over the course of the Greek economy, the Hellenic Association of Management Consulting Firms (SESMA) said in a report released on Monday.

The GRe+1 index rose to 42.6% in the first quarter of 2023 from 30.6% in the fourth quarter of 2022, and 26.8% in the corresponding period last year.