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Serbian patriarch visits Albania, nationalist protest

Serbian patriarch visits Albania, nationalist protest

TIRANA -- Leaders of Orthodox Christian churches - including a delegation of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) headed by Patriarch Irinej - were in Albania on Sunday.

They consecrated the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ in the country's capital, Tirana.

Albania PM Blamed For Drug Trafficking Scourge

“Albanians have gathered here against a dangerous enemy, which seeks to destroy our freedoms and deny us our European dream,” the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, told supporters.

“This enemy is narcotics trafficking, which in the last six months, sponsored by the drug barons, has reached dangerous levels,” he added.

Albania Siezes Ship With Contraband Cigarettes

The cargo ship Era-1, which was sailing from Greece for the port of Bar in Montenegro, had sought temporary shelter on May 14 from bad weather in Albania’s southern port of Vlora.

After the weather improved on Friday, the ship, which has a Tanzanian flag and a Ukrainian crew, left port without seeking permission from the port authorities, raising suspicions about its cargo.

Suspected Drug Trafficker Crash-Lands Plane in Albania

The Albanian Ministry of Interior said the pilot of the plane, Girgio Riformato, had been arrested after he crash-landed his single-engine Piper on Sunday on the beach at Divjaka, 50 kilometres south of Tirana.

In the same area, police also arrested an Albanian, Saimir Bajramaj, after they found 460 kilograms of marijuana and €27,000 in his vehicle.

IEA Denies Albania Breached Iran Oil Embargo

“The IEA did not suggest that Albania broke sanctions on Iran and any report that says otherwise needs to run a correction,” Magdalena Sanocka, a spokesperson for the IEA, said.

Sanocka said its report only mentioned Albania as a temporary destination for an Iranian oil tanker, which eventually unloaded its cargo elsewhere.