Kakava, Hıdırellez festivities held in Edirne

The celebrations of Kakava and Hıdırellez, marking the onset of spring and recognized on UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage List, recently have taken place in the western province of Edirne.

Starting with the energetic Roma dance group performances which set the tone for the evening's festivities, locals in traditional attire further added color to the event.

Edirne initiates solar-powered lighting for historic bridges

The historic Bayezid II and Yalnızgöz bridges in the northwestern province of Edirne are now illuminated by a newly installed solar energy system, paving the way for a broader initiative that will see 12 other historic bridges over Tunca and Meriç rivers in the city similarly adorned.

Edirne pharmacies experience surge in Bulgarian, Greek tourists

The northwestern border city of Edirne, nestled between Bulgaria and Greece, is experiencing a noticeable influx of tourists, who are not only drawn to the city for shopping due to favorable exchange rates but are also creating a surge in demand for over-the-counter medicines and food supplements.

Teams deployed to Edirne border over fire in Bulgaria

A forest fire that erupted near the Türkiye-Bulgaria border has been largely brought under control, as Turkish authorities have positioned firefighting vehicles and teams at the Edirne border in case the flames spread to the country.
The forest fire, which broke out late on Sept. 2 in the eastern part of Bulgaria, advanced towards the Edirne border with the effect the strong wind.