Education reform

Sarcevic: "That is unfair and it will not happen" VIDEO

Minister Sarcevic told TV Prva that the recordings of lectures in schools were successful, but that for safety reasons, at one point they switched to recording classes from home, which also went great.
"On this occasion, the teachers learned how to question the students in some other way", the minister said.

Pandemic-Era Online Schooling Exposes Big Balkan Disparities

For often antiquated education systems and frequently IT-shy teachers in the Balkans, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant a sharp, sometimes impossible learning curve as schools embark almost overnight on an e-learning experiment that has exposed huge disparities between and within countries, between private and public schools and cities and villages in terms in knowledge and resources.

Degrees for votes

A student was admitted to a Greek university on Tuesday even though the grades he scored in entrance exam grades would in no way merit the seat. This is not something to be ignored.

University entrance exam results show drop in grades

A student looks at a list of university entrance examination results outside his school in Athens on Wednesday. Results pointed to an overall drop in performance, which critics attributed to the previous government's policies. In 132 of 459 university faculties, at least one of the new entrants failed to achieve what would normally be a pass grade.

Cautious reform

The education reforms put forward by the new conservative government aspire to break the deadlock left behind by the populist policies of its leftist predecessors.

Bulgaria Presented to the United Nations Good Practices for the Inclusion of Young People at Risk

We would like to emphasize the essential role of developing competences and skills that enable young people to find meaningful work, actively participate as citizens in democratic societies and support their personal development.