'Aquarium of Saros' draws attention of diving enthusiasts

The Port of İbrice, called the "aquarium" of the Gulf of Saros in northwestern Turkey, welcomes local and foreign diving enthusiasts.

Diver candidates, accompanied by instructors, dive into artificial reefs where the Dardanelles battles were revived and the area where the Airbus A330 passenger plane was located.

Israelis eye Cyprus for affordable holidays

Israel's booming economy has made the shekel soar, local prices rise and travel fans compare what their money can buy and come to the conclusion - it's time for a vacation abroad.

Domestic prices, particularly for hotels and leisure activities, have risen sharply.

They are now unaffordable for many Israelis, whose household incomes remain toward the lower end of OECD averages.

Watch how Israel’s commandos are being prepared for possible terrorist attacks

The Israeli Navy conducted a major training exercise off the coast of Eilat in the Red Sea simulating several possible scenarios of terrorist attacks.

Some of the scenarios the navy has been prepared for include the hijacking of a civilian vessel by terrorists, the violation of Israeli waters and a terrorist attack on a navy ship, according to jns.org.