Greek police step up lockdown checks over long weekend

Amid expectations that some citizens will attempt to defy movement restrictions over the Easter weekend, the Hellenic Police (ELAS) has intensified inspections for compliance.

Officers recorded 1,738 violations of the public lockdown on Thursday. Most of them (709) were in Attica, followed by 203 in Thessaloniki, 120 in Central Macedonia, 119 in Western Greece and 115 on Crete.

Police record 2,104 public movement violations

The Hellenic Police (ELAS) recorded a total of 2,104 violations of a government lockdown aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus on Wednesday, ELAS said Thursday.

The majority of the violations (793) were recorded in Attica, with 274 in Thessaloniki, 170 in Central Macedonia and 157 in Western Greece, ELAS said.

Police record 1,795 lockdown violations in two days

The Hellenic Police (ELAS) announced on Wednesday that on Tuesday they recorded 1,631 violations of a lockdown imposed by the government on Monday to curb the spread of Covid-19.
In all cases, officers imposed a fine of 150 euros on offenders.
A total of 1,795 violations were recorded on Monday and Tuesday, ELAS said.

Real policing

It has become abundantly evident that political will is key if the Greek Police (ELAS) is to fulfill its mission. However, will alone is not enough. The task also requires reform, training and modern equipment.

Police to enforce 'special plan' for 1973 anniversary

More than 5,000 police officers will be on duty on Saturday and Sunday for events commemorating the 46th anniversary of a student uprising against Greece's junta amid simmering tensions following a series of raids on squats as well as a standoff earlier this week between police and students at the Athens University of Economics and Business.

Feared jihadist stuck in Evros

A man believed to be linked to the Islamic State terrorist organization was late on Monday stranded in the buffer zone on the Greek-Turkish border, according to reports. 

In a statement, the Greek Police (ELAS) said that a US citizen of Arab origin was brought to a Greek border post by Turkish officers who cited the expiry of his visa and asked Greek authorities to take him in.