Elections in Bulgaria

GERB Wins the European Parliament Election, 5 Parties Pass the Barrier

GERB wins the European Parliament elections in Bulgaria.

According to the Gallup International  at 19:00, the ruling party receives 30.5% of the vote. The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) is in second place with 25.4 and the third place is the Movement for Rights and Freedoms with 12.8.

Bulgaria's Parliament Overrides Presidential Veto on Election Rules

Bulgaria's Parliament rejected on Wednesday the presidential veto on disputed changes to election rules concerning the opening of polling stations abroad.

The veto imposed by President Rosen Plevneliev last week was rejected by 135 members of the 240-seat National Assembly.

Bulgarian Parliament to Vote on Censure Motion

The Bulgarian parliament will vote on the first censure motion against the second government of Boyko Borsiov on Friday.

The opposition will subject the government to a vote of no confidence for its failure in its healthcare policy.

The censure motion is expected to be unsuccessful as the opposition parties will not garner the support of 121 MPs.

Nikolay Barekov Leaving Leadership of His Party's Coalition

Nikolay Barekov, a journalist-turned-politician and currently MEP, is leaving the leadership structures of the Bulgaria without Censorship coalition he created last year.

Barekov sent out a press statement on Monday arguing the coalition has served its goal, which was to perform successfully at the October 5 early elections, has virtually ceased to exist since the vote was held.

Nationalist Ataka Refuses Government Talks With GERB

As expected, the left-nationalist party Ataka refused to have government consultations with the centre-right GERB.

According to the party leader Volen Siderov, the Ataka representatives tried to contact the GERB with a demand for live television broadcast of the negotiations, but did not receive an official response and cancelled the consultations.

CEC Publishes Official Results Of Bulgaria's Early Elections

Bulgaria's Central Electoral Commission released the official final results of the country's early elections.

According to them, the party with most seats is the centre-right GERB. It got 1 072 491, or 32.67% of the votes and 84 seats in Parliament. Its supporters cast 11 923 invalid ballots.