Elections in the Republic of Macedonia

Presidential elections campaign commences in North Macedonia

Three candidates are running: the ruling SDSM-DUI coalition's Stevo Pendarovski, whose slogan is "Together forward"; opposition VMRO-DPMNE's Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova ("Justice for Macedonia, Fatherland is calling"); and Besim Blerim Reka, who represents a coalition of ethnic Albanian parties, whose slogan is, "Reka for the Republic."

Macedonia Ruling Party 'Coordinated' Parliament Violence, Trial Hears

A key defendant in the trial of those involved in last year's attack on the Macedonian parliament has claimed the ruling party organised the whole event from the eighth floor of its Skopje headquarters.

The defendant, Aleksandar Vasilevski "Ninja" said the entire event was prepared and coordinated by then high-ranking officials in the then ruling VMRO DPMNE party.

Court Freezes Macedonian Opposition's Property Assets

The right-wing VMRO DPMNE opposition party cannot sell or rent its lavish 'white palace' HQ in central Skopje, nor many of its other real-estate assets across the country, until the end of the major money-laundering case codenamed 'Talir', the Special Prosecution, SJO told BIRN on Thursday.

Skopje Criminal Court issued this ruling on Wednesday, the sources said.

Macedonia Opposition Party Purges High-Profile Members

At an extraordinary session of its central committee on Monday night, VMRO DPMNE purged several high-profile members, requested resignations from renegade MPs who supported the 'name' agreement with Greece at last week's parliamentary vote and threatened to oust other MPs if they support the agreement in the future.

Macedonia Leaders to Hold Showdown Meeting on Referendum

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has set up a meeting with leaders of the opposition and other parliamentary parties for Wednesday afternoon, aimed at ending the opposition's informal blockade of the planned referendum on the name deal with Greece which is aimed at clearing the country's way towards NATO and EU membership.