Kalina Konstantinova from WCC Confirmed that she was Nominated for Deputy Prime Minister

Kalina Konstantinova from "We Continue the Change" confirmed that she was nominated for deputy prime minister by the party.

"Yes, I am the candidate for 'We Continue the Change' for this post. But all this would be right to receive an invitation after the signing of the coalition agreement from all coalition partners," she said.

Large participation of over 260,000 members and friends in KINAL leadership election

The level of participation in the centre-left Movement for Change KINAL party's leadership elections has exceeded all expectations..

Shortly after 7pm, 257,529 citizens had voted, exceeding the level of participation in the 2017 party leadership race, when 211,191 people participated, electing the late leader Fofi Gennimata.

From our News Team: How did the Elections Go in One Covid Section in the Capital of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is at the bottom in COVID-19 related statistics for several months now. The small Balkan country is often mentioned in discussions on low vaccination rates, high mortality, and a high number of infected per capita. Amid this dire situation, the state also had to deal with political instability.

Bulgaria: What to Watch for in the November 14 Elections

Although the third for the year, on November 14 for the first time the elections will be 2 in 1 - for president and MPs. The vote is taking place at the peak of the fourth wave of coronavirus in Bulgaria and anti-epidemic measures will again be observed, and the number of those who voted with a mobile ballot box will be clear on election day.

2021 Elections: 2in1 Vote for Bulgarians Abroad - 760 Sections will be Opened in 68 Countries

There will be 760 sections abroad in 68 countries, said Ivan Kondov - head of a working group for voting abroad at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, BNR reported.

He described as the biggest difficulty the delivery of machines and ballots to all sections abroad in a possible second round of the presidential election.