Postal voting bill amendment seeks inclusion of Greeks abroad in national elections

Interior Minister Niki Kerameus introduced an amendment to the postal voting bill in parliament on Monday proposing the adoption of postal voting for Greeks living abroad in both European and national elections.  

The announcement was made during the parliamentary debate on the legislation related to postal voting in European elections and referenda. 

2024: The super-election year

A few weeks ago, in its annual preview of the new year about to start, The Economist highlighted how important 2024 will be for democracy worldwide. The British magazine was one of the first voices to cast attention on the fact that in the next 12 months more than 70 countries will head to the polls.

Ready for postal voting

Previous attempts to regulate the voting of citizens residing outside of Greece have ended in a bureaucratic failure blamed on the entire political system.

It seems that the lesson has been learned. It is significant that the largest opposition parties are on board with the government's legislative initiative on postal voting. 

On the mail-in vote

Postal voting, if it works properly, will go some way towards curbing the problem of rising abstention that should concern everyone, regardless of party affiliation.

At the same time, it is a long-standing request of diaspora Greeks and a measure that has been applied in almost all modern democracies.

Lawyers extend strike action to January 19

The lawyers' abstention has been extended until January 19 after a decision of the plenary session of the country's bar associations with a vote of 46-12, with the minority voting in favor of a complete abstention from all proceedings. 

Accordingly, lawyers will refrain from criminal trials, as well as those pertaining to public interest, enforcement of rulings and payment orders.