Turnout in Crimea Breakaway Referendum Reaches 64%

Turnout in Crimea's referendum reached 64 % by 3pm local time, according to referendum commission chief Mikhail Malyshev.

Malyshev, as cited by CNN, informed that no provocations at polling stations have been reported so far.

Residents of Crimea vote Sunday in a referendum on whether to split from Ukraine and join Russia.

Crimea Referendum Turnout at 44.27% in 4 hours

The turnout in the referendum on whether Crimea should remain a part of Ukraine or separate from it reached 44.27 % Sunday noon local time.

According to the chief of the Crimean legislature's commission for holding the referendum, Mikhail Malyshev, as cited by ITAR-TASS, the highest turnout rates so far were registered in Kerch - 64.3 %, and in Armyansk, 73.1 %.

Parties retreat into election silence

BELGRADE - The campaign ended for the early parliamentary elections that will be held in Serbia on Sunday, March 16, and election silence will be in force until the close of polls at 8 p.m. the same day.

In these polls, 6,767, 324 citizens will be eligible to vote and elect 250 MPs for the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.