Greek govt calls for calm: No positive response could be offered to a program directly opposed to the well of Greek people

Over the last days there was a series of deliberations and bridging attempts between the newly appointed Greek Government and European officials.

The text, which would have formed the basis for discussion at the Eurogroup and that Greece was positive about in principle, was replaced by a completely different text. This text was requesting extension of the Memorandum.

New register of media introduced

New register of media introduced

BELGRADE -- The Business Registers Agency (APR) will introduce an up-to-date register of media on Friday.

The APR will feed in the data of the previous register into the new database, and the media, which have not registered with the previous record, will have a legal obligation to register their outlets within six months.

President Iohannis: GDS a longtime defender of democracy and pluralism

On the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Group for Social Dialogue (GDS) and of the '22' magazine on Tuesday, President Klaus Iohannis declared that throughout these years 'GDS has defended the values of democracy and pluralism.'

Photo credit: (c) Alex MICSIK / AGERPRES FLOW

Turkish institutions always part of ‘sultan’s state,’ says top economist

Turkey’s economic and political institutions have always been part of a “sultan’s state” and this can only be overcome by public demands from below for more human rights, freedom and transparency, according to leading economist Daron Acemoğlu.

Prescription for Turkey's economy: Rule of law and pluralistic democracy

As long as Turkey remains distant from pluralistic democracy and the rule of law, and as long as it cannot secure an inclusive political atmosphere that is the most essential requirement of co-existence and economic development, all the economic gains it has achieved will be temporary and unsustainable.