End of the Eurozone?

Europe is finding it hard to discover a new economic structure to overcome the current crisis and to maintain the fundamental 'EU acquis' on freedom and democracy while keeping itself globally competitive and innovative

Podgorean: Foreign Ministry's decision on number of polling stations abroad relied on analysis of 2009 presidential election

The Foreign Ministry's decision on establishing the polling stations abroad was based on the analysis of the way the 2009 presidential election unfolded, as well as on the proposals made by the Romanian diplomatic missions, Secretary of State with the Foreign Affairs Ministry Radu Podgorean explained in a release this Saturday to AGERPRES.

Left-Wing Groups Oppose Swiss Immigration Curbs Proposal

The drastic immigration reduction in Switzerland will isolate the country and will damage its ties with the European Union, left-wing groups said on Monday, urging voters to reject the proposal.

On November 30, Swiss voters will decide in a referendum whether the country should cap immigration to 0.2% of the population or 16,000 people a year.