Bulgaria President: Referendum Likely alongside Local Vote

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev has said he is planning to hold an address to the nation to set a date and a list of questions for an upcoming referendum on voting rules.

Plevneliev has told reporters he is working together with Parliament to find a viable solution so that the vote takes place along with local vote for mayors and municipal councilors this autumn.

As Turks begin voting in more countries, general election turnout increases on weekend

Turkish citizens living in Italy, UK, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia have begun casting their votes to participate in Turkey's general election that officially starts on June 7, boosting turnout with more votes from abroad.

Why would a society insist on misery and servitude?

I do not like the word ?tolerance? at all because it contains some kind of a favor, a grant. It is a show of thinking of one?s self as superior and tolerating those who are inferior to you, the ones you actually cannot stand. 

Who is able to tolerate who and on what grounds? What kind of a bragging is that? Tolerance does not contain equality.

The paradox of 'white' Turks

In this predominantly Muslim country, whenever there has been a serious challenge to the ?white? Turks? secular democratic governance anchored to the West, the threat was defused through an anti-democratic intervention in politics by Turkey?s strong military. It was so in 1960 and 1971, as well as in 1980 and 1997.

Polling committee head dismissed in Germany over multiple vote attempt

A polling committee head living in Frankfurt has been caught while attempting to vote in the name of somebody else in Turkey's upcoming June 7 general election.

The president of the number six ballot box Hasan Tüfek, who is also a religious official in the city, cast his own vote on May 14 and took photos of himself while voting.