Croatia Unions Push For Referendum on Outsourcing

Seventeen trade unions in Croatia have collected 612,017 signatures demanding a referendum on outsourcing services in the public sector, which they aim to halt.

The completed list of names was handed to the speaker of parliament, Josip Leko on Wednesday. The petition aimed at preventing public sector outsourcing was initiated in June.

Islamists and illiberal democracy

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Parties at odds over referendum proposals on PPC selloff

The government has proposed a discussion in Parliament on Friday on whether a clutch of proposals by opposition parties for a debate on a referendum about the partial privatization of the Public Power Corporation can be approved but the main leftist opposition SYRIZA looked set to boycott the session.

Decision on PPC referendum debate due today after 139 MPs back proposals

Parliamentary speaker Evangelos Meimarakis and the House’s deputy speakers are due to meet at 2.30 p.m. to decide whether MPs should debate and vote on a referendum on the privatisation of the Public Power Corporation (PPC).

Parliament narrowly approved on Wednesday the sale of 30 percent of PPC but immediately afterwards opposition parties submitted proposals for a referendum.

Gov't resists opposition pressure for referendum on PPC selloff

Fifteen independent MPs on Tuesday backed a proposal by leftist SYRIZA for Parliament to launch a debate on a referendum on the government’s plans to part-privatize the Public Power Corporation (PPC) as government spokesperson Sofia Voultepsi insisted that separate proposals by opposition parties should not count as one.

Independent Greeks back SYRIZA proposal for referendum on PPC

Independent Greeks have thrown their weight behind SYRIZA's proposal for a referendum on privatizing part of Public Power Corporation (PPC).

In a statement Thursday, the country's right-wing anti-bailout party said leader Panos Kammenos had called leftist opposition leader Alexis Tsipras to declare his support for the move.