2014EP Voter turnout in European Parliament elections 26.52 pct at 7 p.m. (BEC)

The voter turnout in Sunday's elections for the European Parliament was 26.52 percent at 7 p.m. according to data released by the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) for the whole country.

The turnout was 23.69 percent in urban areas and 30.37 percent in rural areas.

EP Elections Exit Poll: 40% of Bulgarians Use Preference Voting Option

40% of Bulgarians took advantage of the preference vote option in the European Parliament elections by 2 pm on Sunday, according to exit poll data.

Around 22.7% of the eligible voters cast their ballots by 2 pm on Sunday and 40% of them used the preference voting option, according to exit poll data of polling agency Gallup International.

Voter Turnout in Bulgaria's EP Elections Climbs to 17.53%

Voter turnout in the European Parliament elections stood at 17.53% by 13.30 pm on Sunday, according to Alexander Andreev, Spokesperson for the Central Electoral Commission.

This means that 1 114 620 people cast their ballots out of a total of 6 357 824 eligible voters, according to the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR).

6.88% Voter Turnout in Bulgaria As Of 10 AM

The voter turnout in the European elections in Bulgaria, as of 10 AM, is 6.88%, said the Central Electoral Commission (CEC). 

“The election process across the country is going smoothly and all polling stations are open,” said the CEC chairperson Alexander Andreev. 

The number of reported violations, according to Andreev, is insignificant. 

Swiss Voters Reject EUR 3300 Minimum Wage

Switzerland has rejected the proposal to introduce a minimum wage of EUR 18 per hour, the world's highest minimum wage, according to preliminary results of Sunday's referendum.

Supporters of the measure, including trade unions and left-wing parties, stressed the high living costs, while opponents argued that it would increase production costs and unemployment levels.