Electrical grid

Planners propose state aid for old natural gas providers

With three new and more efficient natural gas units joining the national grid in 2025, the financial survival of older ones is at stake. 

However, if too many of the old providers quit the market, there will be a problem of sufficiency, the authors of the National Plan for Climate and Energy note. 

Scourging heat straining grids in southern cities

Sweltering temperatures are straining the electric grids in the southern provinces of Adana and Mersin.

Energy consumption in those provinces hit record levels as people keep their air conditioners on almost 24 hours a day, while staff from utility companies are out in the field to ensure the power grids do not fail.

Millions in African countries struggle to have power

From Zimbabwe, where many must work at night because it's the only time there is power, to Nigeria where collapses of the grid are frequent, the reliable supply of electricity remains elusive across Africa.

The electricity shortages that plague many of Africa's 54 countries are a serious drain on the continent's economic growth, energy experts warn.

Greece’s plan to overhaul the EU’s power grid ahead of green transition

Greece is putting forward a plan to overhaul the EU's electricity grids in order to lay the foundations for a massive rollout of renewable power. Athens is arguing that efforts to expand and strengthen Europe's electricity grid need to be stepped up in order to handle the transition to solar and wind, especially with the EU looking to reach climate neutrality by the middle of the century.