Electricity pricing

Moldova and the Dniester River – Dammed by Ukraine

Specifically, at night the hydraulic units pump water from the Dniester into the upper basin, thereby consuming the surplus of cheap electricity from electricity networks. In the morning, during peak hours, the same amount of water can be discharged back into the Dniester through generators, producing electricity.

Taxes and Fees Reduced en masse in Europe as Measures Against High Electricity Prices

Taxes and fees are being massively reduced in Europe as measures against high electricity prices. This was said by the member of the Management Board / MB / of the Institute for Energy Management Ivanka Dilovska during a working meeting with journalists.

Bulgaria’s Government Announces Measures to Compensate Businesses for High Electricity Prices

The Bulgarian government is announcing measures to compensate businesses for high electricity prices.

This became possible after companies and workers protested in Sofia, demanding to be compensated for the price of electricity for non-household consumers on the stock exchange, which reached over BGN 480 per megawatt-hour.

Chairman of BAIC: Bankruptcies in Bulgaria are Inevitable, the Economy will Stop

"Additional measures are needed to limit the damage to the Bulgarian economy from high electricity prices. The price on the free market is already a record - BGN 482 per megawatt hour,"said in"This Morning"Vasil Velev, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Industrial Capital (BAIC).

Most electricity suppliers forecast no price rise for households this year

Ljubljana – After Slovenia’s largest energy company Petrol announced earlier this week that it will increase the price of electricity in December, some predicted that other suppliers would follow, but most suppliers now forecast that their prices of electricity for households would not increase until next year.

Bulgaria: Will Bills for Electricity and Heating Jump While Current Gas Prices Increase?

If gas prices remain at the same record levels, electricity and heating for household consumers will jump by 20-30% from January, according to Bulgarian Energy and Water Regulatory Commission estimates.

The price of gas on European markets reached 118 euros per megawatt-hour, making a 20% increase on a daily basis.

LIVE: Bulgarian Government Presents Support Measures to Help Businesses and Consumers to Cope with High Energy Prices

Representatives of three  Bulgarian ministries present support measures that the caretaker government plans in the energy sector. Representatives of the Energy Exchange and Energy Watchdog also participated in the briefing.