Electricity pricing

Catastrophic Policies Have Made Romania Energy Dependent

This amalgamation of factors has put great pressure on the 35 per cent of the electricity mix of Romania that relies on hydrocarbons - coal plus gas.

Against the backdrop of the cost problems facing Romanian coal production, the risk of a tumultuous and disordered energy transition is increasing.

Expert: Electricity Prices will Increase by 15% if KEVR Approves CEZ Proposal

An average of 15 percent will increase household electricity prices if the energy regulator approves CEZ's proposal to increase the cost of electricity. The opinion expressed to Darik the energy expert and member of the strategic council to President Elenko Bozhkov.

The Increase in Electricity Will be Within the Inflation Rate of 3.6%,

The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission will not allow a drastic increase in electricity, assured the head of the regulator Ivan Ivanov. He predicts that the 1 July increase will be within inflation - about 3.6%.

Yesterday, energy companies have requested an increase ranging from 2% for the day to over 50% of the night.

Energy Companies Demand a Drastic Increase in Electricity Price From July 1

A drastic appreciation of the night electricity price for household consumers as of July 1 with more than 51% demanded from CEZ, and for the daily electricity price - about 11%, it is clear from the price proposal of the company, deposited in the State Agency of Energy Regulation (KEVR).

EVN offers an increase in the daily tariff by 4.6% and by over 8% for the night.

CITUB Calls on State Authorities to Make Electricity Market More Predictable

At an extraordinary sitting of the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation employers and syndicates voiced their concern with the situation on the electricity market and the substantial increase in the price of electricity for industrial consumers, reported the Bulgarian National Radio.