Electricity pricing

Minister of Energy: There are no Grounds for Raising the Price of Electricity

''The country's electricity system is stable, Bulgarian citizens have no reason to worry. Because of the way in which Bulgarian energy is developing, I think there are no grounds for raising the price of electricity.''

This became clear from the words of the Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova in an interview with BNT.

Business Owners Unhappy about Rising Industrial Electricity Prices

From the next month, the electricity price for industrial consumers will be increased by 30% to 60%. Currently, businesses pay electricity bills at a tariff of 70 BGN per megawatt hour. Business owners in the Northern Bulgarian city of Rousse say that the very announcement of the plans for the price increase has already had a negative effect on both producers and consumers.

Until the End of the Heating Season, the Prices of Heating and Electricity will not be Increased

Until 1 April, when is the end of the heating season, heating and electricity prices will not be increased. This was assured by the Chairman of the Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (KEVR) Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov in an interview with BTA.

Price of Natural Gas up by Almost 30% as of Today

Over the next three months one thousand cubic meters of gas will cost BGN 363, exclusive of VAT, excise duty and transmission fees.

Because of the price hike, during the week central heating and hot water prices are expected to go up by 18 to 37% for the different district heating companies. The price of electricity is going up by 1%.

Bulgarian Energy Minister Foresees Decrease in Electricity Prices

Bulgarian Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova is predicting a possible decrease in the prices of electricity due to the falling prices of natural gas.

In an interview for the Bulgarian National Television (BNT) on Friday, Petkova said that the expected decrease in the price of natural gas is slightly above 20 %.

Prices at Bulgaria's New Energy Exchange 'Unexpectedly Low'

Electricity prices at the newly set up Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX) are at surprisingly low levels, just two days after IBEX started "real" trade, an electricity traders' union has warned.

The prices demanded for electricity at IBEX have been below BGN 50 (EUR 25) per MWh since the one-month trial period ended earlier this week.