Electronic voting

Analysis Reveals Steep Drop in Machine Voting During Bulgarian Elections

A recent analysis by the Institute for the Development of the Public Environment (IRPS) highlights a significant decline in the use of machine voting during Bulgaria's parliamentary elections on June 9. This decline marks a stark contrast to previous elections, where voting technology was a focal point of political discourse and legislative adjustments.

Acting PM Glavchev Affirms Commitment to Fair Elections Amidst Voting Machine Authentication

Acting Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev has underscored the government's commitment to ensuring fair and transparent elections in Bulgaria, emphasizing the paramount importance of restoring public trust in the electoral process. Glavchev's remarks came during a session at the Central Election Committee, where the authentication of voting machines was underway.

Government Allocates Over BGN 98 Million for June 9 Elections Preparation

As Bulgaria gears up for the upcoming elections on June 9, the government has approved a comprehensive plan-account detailing the financial allocation for the electoral process. With a staggering budget of over BGN 98 million, the plan encompasses various crucial activities essential for the smooth conduct of both national and European Parliament elections.

Top appeals court deadlocked in election for new head

The Court of Appeals found itself in a deadlock on March 26 as five rounds of voting have failed to produce a clear winner in the critical election to determine its new head.

The decision to postpone the election came after a two-day voting process, where neither of the five candidates managed to secure an absolute majority.

Thousands of Greeks abroad register for postal voting

More than 8,000 Greek citizens living abroad have registered on the platform for postal voting within the first two days of its operation, while there is also great interest from domestic voters.

Registration for the June 9 European Parliament elections must be completed 40 days in advance, by April 29, 2024. 

Postal voting bill amendment seeks inclusion of Greeks abroad in national elections

Interior Minister Niki Kerameus introduced an amendment to the postal voting bill in parliament on Monday proposing the adoption of postal voting for Greeks living abroad in both European and national elections.  

The announcement was made during the parliamentary debate on the legislation related to postal voting in European elections and referenda.