Electronic voting

Polls Open in Bulgaria's Local Elections, E-Voting Referendum

Bulgarians are voting in 2015's local elections on Sunday to pick mayors and municipal councilors.

They are also having their say on electronic voting, which some politicians say will not replace "tradiitonal" election methods but will boost activity and encourage turnout all around the globe, with more than 2 million Bulgarians living outside the country.

President Calls on All Bulgarians to Vote in Forthcoming Referendum

President Rosen Plevneliev called on all Bulgarians to vote in the forthcoming referendum on the introduction of remote electronic voting, which is scheduled to take place on October 25.

In an interview for private NOVA TV on Wednesday, Plevneliev reminded that he has championed the holding of such referendum in the past three years.

Voting for the Nov 1 polls starts abroad and at customs gates

Voting for the snap elections on Nov. 1 has started at Turkey's representatives in foreign countries and at border gates across the country. 

A total of 2,895,885 Turkish citizens living abroad are eligible to vote either at 112 foreign representative offices in 54 countries or at 30 customs gates on Turkey's borders and international airports. 

Bulgaria to Open 312 Overseas Polling Stations for Referendum on E-Voting

Bulgarians living abroad will be able to vote in the national referendum on October 25 on the introduction of remote electronic voting at 312 polling stations in 45 countries.

The largest numbers of polling stations will be opened in the US, Spain, and Germany, according to a media statement of Bulgaria's Central Electoral Commission (CEC).

Relocations of polling stations in Turkey

The statements of Bitlis Governor Ahmet Ç?nar of Turkey's east was on papers Sept. 22. In order to provide voting security, to avoid possible troubles in the transfer of ballot boxes and for the national will to be reflected in the ballot box, he has asked the Provincial Election Board whether certain polling stations can be relocated at certain provincial and district centers.