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Bulgaria MPs Pass Bill Allowing Expats to Vote in Referendums

Bulgarian lawmakers on Friday passed amendments to grant Bulgarians living abroad the right to vote in referendums held in the country.

This will enable hundreds of thousands of people who chose to live beyond Bulgaria's borders to have their say in the national poll that is due in the autumn, in parallel with local elections on October 25.

Bulgaria's DPS Takes U-Turn on Majority System

The second-largest opposition party in Bulgaria, the DPS, has backtracked on its calls for a rewording of questions a forthcoming referendum on voting rules.

On Friday Lyutvi Mestan, who heads the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), told NOVA TV arguments favoring the introduction of a majority system were "irrational".

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I wrote about the election security last week. I did my duty as a volunteer for Oy ve Otesi (Vote and Beyond), took a signed copy of the official result of my ballot box and handed it over to the organization.

Plevneliev Urges Changes to Election Rules to Boost Turnout, Reduce Vote Buying

Bulgaria's President Rosen Plevneliev on Wednesday sumbitted to parliament a proposal to hold a national referendum on amendments to voting rules alongside the local elections on 25 October.

In remarks released by his office Plevneliev explained that the changes aim to reduce the weight of manipulated or controlled vote in the overall results and boost voter turnout.