Electronic voting

Total budget for presidential election 192.4 million lei

The government approved in its Tuesday meeting a draft decision on the budget and the structure of expenditure for the preparation, organization and performance of the presidential election in November; the amount is 192.4 million lei (1 euro = 4.39 lei), the press office of the Executive informed.

Let’s do e-voting

The voting is over and the winner is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. However, the aftermath of the voting is still chaotic. Every party that participated in the elections is busy trying to figure out what the results mean for their future and how they should proceed into the future. The reason why there is so much debate is the huge number of people who did not vote.

EP Elections Exit Poll: 40% of Bulgarians Use Preference Voting Option

40% of Bulgarians took advantage of the preference vote option in the European Parliament elections by 2 pm on Sunday, according to exit poll data.

Around 22.7% of the eligible voters cast their ballots by 2 pm on Sunday and 40% of them used the preference voting option, according to exit poll data of polling agency Gallup International.