Electronic voting

Democratic Bulgaria Wants Independent Audit of Voting Machines

Democratic Bulgaria sent a letter to the management of the State Agency for Electronic Government (DAEU), urging guarantees that an independent inspection of the voting machines would take place on July 11th.

Political coalition emphasizes that it is therefore necessary to give access to experts appointed by the political parties to the source code of the software of the machines.

Machine Voting in Partial Local Elections Caused No Major Problems Says Member of CEC

Dimitar Dimitrov, Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission, said that there had been no reports of voting machines malfunctions. Voting has not been suspended or stopped due to voting machine malfunction, he said, commenting on media stories about glitches in machine voting caused by the hot weather.

Bulgaria: Election Campaign for Snap Parliamentary Elections on July 11, Has Started

The official campaign for the early parliamentary elections in Bulgaria began on June 11. The campaign will run until 24:00 hrs on July 9.

Bulgarians will be going to the polls on July 11, 2021 after the three biggest political powers elected in the April 4 regular parliamentary elections failed to form a government.