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GSSC Avangarde poll finds 77 percent of Romanians want schools to reopen on February 8

More than three-quarters of Romanians consider schools should reopen on February 8, reveals a nationwide barometer poll conducted by the Avangarde Social and Behavioral Studies Group (GSSC). The poll found that 77 percent of Romanians believe that schools should reopen on February 8, 16 percent take an opposite view, and 7 percent do not know or didn't answer the question.

Treasury borrows $1.58 bln from domestic markets

The Turkish Treasury borrowed 9.3 billion Turkish liras ($1.58 billion) from domestic markets on Jan. 14.

Some 5.84 billion Turkish liras ($993.16 million) in 15-month zero-coupon Treasury bills -- first issue -- were sold in the first auction, the Treasury and Finance Ministry announced.

The Treasury bills will be settled on Jan. 15 and mature on April 14, 2021.

Three-month interbank offered rate down slightly to 3.06 pct p.a.

The 3-month Romanian Interbank Offered Rate ROBOR, against which the cost of variable-interest rate loans denominated in lei is calculated, dropped slightly to 3.06 percent per annum, from 3.07 percent per annum, quotation it stood at for six days, according to data released by the National Bank of Romania (BNR).

Prices of Heating in Bulgaria is Expected to Rise on Average by 4.5% on July 1, and Electricity - by 3.5%

Two days after the European Parliament elections, the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission proposed a 4.5 percent average increase in the price of heating. The biggest increase is in Razgrad and Gabrovo, there is only a reduction for the company in Sliven.

Employment outlook index at 11-year high for April-June

Almost one in three Greek employers will hire more staff in the next three months if the results of a ManpowerGroup survey on expectations for the second quarter of the year turn out to be correct. The greatest optimism was seen in the sectors of construction, industry, transport, retail and wholesale commerce, as well as water, electricity and natural gas.