Emergency management

A shame for Greece

What does it say about a state when it failed to protect over a hundred human lives from natural disaster and was still unable to set up an emergency alert system a year later?
What does it say about a state that claims to rely on tourism that six foreign visitors lost their lives in a fierce storm without receiving a single warning about the oncoming disaster?

Bulgarian Cabinet Adopted the Annual Report of the Council for Disaster Risk Reduction

Speaking to journalists on 19th of June, the Minister of the Interior Mladen Marinov explained the good practices that the agencies apply. He emphasized that the weather over the past few months was bad with heavy rainfalls, hailstorms and storms, reports BNT

Gov't to approve modular dwellings for flood victims from state reserves

The government will approve the withdrawal from the state reserves of modular dwellings for families affected by floods, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said on Wednesday. "I have been constantly informed about the situation caused by the meteorological phenomena that have affected several areas in the country.