Emmanuel Macron

Macron records historic victory with 66.01% of the vote! (photos)

The new President of France Emmanuel Macron said he would “defend France and defend Europe” during his victory speech, Sunday night in Paris. The pro-European centrist politician, 39, who had the support of the French establishment against populist far right leader Marine Le Pen, received 66.01% of the vote against Le Pen’s 33.9%, according to the official count.

Will Macron be able to deliver?

At the time when this article was being written, we knew that most opinion polls were giving the frontrunner centrist Emmanuel Macron a 20-point lead over his opponent Marine Le Pen. We were perhaps puzzled by the announcement of the hard-leftist leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon and center-right candidate François Fillon - both defeated in the first presidential round on 23 April - that they would not

French Elections: Marcon victorious with 65%!

Centrist Emmanuel Macron has recorded a landslide victory against far-right populist opponent Marine Le Pen to become the President of the French Republic. Macron won 65% of the vote, according to the Ispos/Sopra Steria for French state TV estimate. The turnout at 5pm was estimated at 65.3% of the 47 million registered voters.

France: 2nd round of presidential elections kicks off amid state of emergency

French voters are heading to the polls to choose France's next president. The presidential runoff between centrist Emmanuel Macron and right-wing Marine Le Pen is the first to take place amid an ongoing state of emergency, introduced in the country after 2015 terrorist attacks.