Emmanuel Macron

Marine Le Pen: Euro is a “knife in the ribs” of the French

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen told a political rally on Sunday that the euro currency which she wants France to ditch was like a knife in the ribs of the French people.

The leader of the eurosceptic National Front (FN) also told the rally in the city of Bordeaux that the forthcoming election for president could herald a “change in civilization”.

Le Pen: EU Will Die, Globalists Will Be Defeated

The candidate for president of France Marine Le Pen has stated that the European Union will die and that globalists will be defeated.

At an election meeting in Lille, she accused her rivals in the elections - Emmanuel Macron and François Fillon of betrayal because of their political platforms in support of the EU and market economy.

Survey: Emmanuel Macron Could Be Next French President

Independent candidate Emmanuel Macron has every chance of becoming the next president of France, showed data from a sociological survey, cited by Reuters.

According to the surveyed, Macron will win the run-off against the leader of the far-right National Front (FN) Marine Le Penn who will win the most votes at the first round of elections on April 23.

France's Hollande says will not seek re-election

French President Francois Hollande dramatically announced Dec. 1 he would not seek re-election next April at the end of his five-year term as he bowed to historic low approval ratings.

The withdrawal means the 62-year-old Socialist will be the first president of France's fifth republic, founded in 1958, to quit after just one term.

French Economy Minister Macron warned the EU could break up

French Minister of Economy Emmanuel Macron warned that the European Union was in danger of breaking up, in an interview to German weekly newspaper ‘Die Zeit’, which will be published Thursday. He claimed that it was imperative to reform the European plan. ‘I am convinced that my generation has a historical duty to rebuild Europe’, said the 38-year old politician.