Employment classifications

Firms turning to women workers amid shortage of skilled laborers

Industrial companies are struggling to find skilled workers to hire, trying every possible channel to reach out to them but to no avail, Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) President Seyit Ardıç has said, adding that firms are now increasingly turning to women workers to fill the void.

Bulgaria: People with Disabilities can receive up to BGN 20,000 to Start their Own Business

People with disabilities can receive up to BGN 20,000 to start their own business through a competition of the Agency for People with Disabilities. It will finance up to BGN 740,000 and proposals for the creation of Sheltered Employment Centers.

German airports want longer-term employment for Turkish staff

German authorities have approved temporary employment of people from Türkiye to fill the staff shortage at the country's airports, but airport operators demand longer-term employment.

Under a temporary arrangement, Turkish employees will be able to work at German airports until Nov. 6.

Employment outlook for next six months positive, staff shortage an issue

Ljubljana – The outlook for employment in the second half of the year is positive, as employers have forecast a 3.2% increase in the number of employees, the highest growth since 2014, and plan around 43,000 jobs. On the other hand, discrepancies in the labour market are increasing and employers are finding it difficult to find staff.

Temporary labor market of Romania, increase of over 19 pct in first half of year (analysis)

The market for temporary labor has recorded an increase of over 19 pct in the first half of the year, most employments on temporary work projects being done on entry-level profiles, according to an analysis conducted by the Association of Human Resource Services Suppliers (AFSRU).