Energy crisis

China is Increasing Coal Production. Calls on the Population to Stock Up on Food

China is increasing its daily coal production by more than a million tons in the context of electricity shortages and at a time when leaders from around the world are negotiating in Glasgow on an agreement on how to save our planet from global warming, AFP reported.

Turkey's energy import bill up 65.7 pct in Sept

Turkey's energy import bill increased by 65.7 percent to $4.44 billion in September this year compared to the same month last year, according to data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) on Oct. 27.

The overall energy import bill soared last month due to an increase in the global energy prices in the last month ahead of the winter season.

Energy crisis – Price increases in products due to rising electricity prices

The market is facing a new round of price hikes, as everything shows, with companies declaring themselves unable to contain rising production costs.

The energy crisis is triggering another "wave" of prices rises, causing consumer dissatisfaction, and causing a reduction in purchases to what is absolutely necessary, while many are buying cheaper, lower nutritional value products.

Greek Minister of Development – There is a possibility of taking new measures to alleviate households

The Greek Minister of Development and Investments, Mr. Adonis Georgiadis, did not rule out taking new measures in ordert to alleviate households, since, as he said, our economy is doing very well and we can come up against any problem. But such a decision, he added, is up to the Greek Prime Minister.

Europe has no Gas and on its Knees Again in Front of Russia and the United States

The energy crisis is becoming global, Bloomberg predicts today. Countries are increasingly relying on natural gas for efforts to stop burning more coal and switch to cleaner energy sources. Countries are bidding to stockpile blue fuel, and exporters like Russia are restricting exports. The situation will worsen when temperatures drop, the agency predicts.

Home prices rise 2.7 pct in June

The residential price index increased by 2.7 percent in July from the previous month, data from the Central Bank have shown.


On an annual basis, house prices across Turkey rose by 29.2 percent in the month in nominal terms, while in real terms, the increase was 9.9 percent, the bank said yesterday.