Energy technology

Romanian Nuclear Company Insists US Reactors are Safe

The Romanian state-owned electricity company, Nuclearelectrica, thas said that small modular reactors, SMRs, coming from the US, pose no danger to the country or its environment.

SMRs are advanced nuclear reactors that produce clean energy and have a much smaller installed capacity than a large reactor, it said.

Košorok sees second nuclear reactor as guarantee of reliable energy supply

Krško – Blaž Košorok, the new head of GEN Energija, a state-owned power company that manages Slovenia’s half of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant, believes a second reactor in Krško would guarantee reliable and cost effective energy supply. Energy prices will never go back to what they were, he said in an interview with the STA.

BIRN Fact-Check: Skopje Mayor’s Green Agenda a Work in Progress

The mayor promised a mass tree-planting effort, new construction legislation, more inspections, a rethink on public transportation, the gasification of households and a host of other measures.

According to the available data and the opinions of experts, some progress has been made towards cleaning up Skopje and its air.

Greenpeace Calls on Sofia Citizens to Campaign for Cleaner Air

Until December 20, citizens can submit proposals to Sofia Municipality for more efficient measures to ensure the cleaner air in the capital with a public consultation on a project "Comprehensive program for improving ambient air quality on the territory of Sofia Municipality for the period 2021-2026"

Large fire breaks out at Moria migrant camp on Lesvos

A large fire has broken out at the Moria refugee and migrant camp on the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos, according to local media reports on Monday.

The blaze was being fanned by strong winds and firefighters were having trouble reaching the spot where it started due to overcrowding at the facility, To Nisi reported.