Energy Triangle

Total, ENI reportedly granted Cyprus Block 7

Total and ENI are expanding their presence in the Cypriot EEZ according to government sources. The French-Italian consortium has been allocated the exploration licence for Block 7 according to unofficial information obtained by the Cyprus News Agency.
The same sources reported that the French and Italian partnership can be extended to other Blocks of the Cyprus EEZ.

New Cyprus gas find seen as game changer

The announcement on Thursday that US energy giant ExxonMobil has made a "world-class" discovery in Block 10 of Cyprus's exclusive economic zone (EEZ), containing 5-8 trillion cubic feet of gas, was widely seen as signifying that the energy game in the Eastern Mediterranean has only just begun and the main players' next moves will determine their future geopolitical position in the wider region.

ExxonMobil to reportedly announce large discovery in Cyprus' plot 10 next week

American energy giant ExxonMobil is expected to announce a discovery of a large gas reserve in plot 10 of Cyprus' Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) next week, according to Cyprus' Sigma Live news network.

The Cypriot station referred to a report by Italy's Agenzia Nova that cited a high-level Cypriot source at the the Egypt Petroleum Show (EGYPS) in Cairo which ended on Wednesday.

ExxonMobil begins drilling as US hails 'promise' of East Med

As ExxonMobil and Qatar Petroleum began exploratory drilling in Block 10 of Cyprus's exclusive economic zone (EEZ) on Friday, the US assistant secretary of state responsible for energy expressed Washington's "excitement" over the catalytic role the exploitation of natural energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean will have in the region's development.