Enlargement of the eurozone

BNR: Business Organizations in Bulgaria Oppose Holding of Referendum on Introduction of Euro

The national organizations representing workers and employees, and employers in Bulgaria express full support for the National Assembly's decision - that the country should leave the exchange rate mechanism should a Lev-Euro exchange rate be proposed that is different from the exchange rate now in place.

What will the Adoption of the Euro Bring to Bulgaria?

Bulgaria can not expect that by replacing the lev with the euro this will automatically lead to higher growth for the economy. In order to reach it, additional efforts have to be made by the state. The main expected benefit may be the lower cost of doing foreign transactions, which can save the country several million euros a year.

ECB: The biggest issue on Romania's real economic convergence is the low per-capita income on average

The low per-capita income on average represents the biggest issue regarding Romania's real convergence in view of joining the Eurozone (EZ), however, it's not a a formal criterion for euro accession, experts with the European Central Bank (ECB) believe.