Harlem Globetrotters to stage shows in Istanbul

World famous American exhibition basketball team Harlem Globetrotters will stage shows in Istanbul's Ülker Arena Hall on Oct. 22 and 23, Demirören News Agency has reported.

"The magicians of the hoop will stage two shows," the agency highlighted.

Many online ticket sites have announced the shows, but the tickets have not been on sale yet.

Peter Brook: Mystical giant who changed theater forever

Peter Brook, who has died aged 97, was among the most influential theater directors of the 20th century, reinventing the art by paring it back to drama's most basic and powerful elements.

An almost mystical figure often mentioned in the same breath as Konstantin Stanislavsky, the Russian who revolutionized acting, Brook continued to work and challenge audiences well into his 90s.

Σασμός: H Ευγενία Σαμαρά αποκάλυψε πώς γυρίστηκε η σκηνή με το χαστούκι της Στέλλας στην Αργυρώ

Η ηθοποιός έδωσε κι ένα spoiler για τα επόμενα επεισόδια της σειράς