Irish fans complain of ‘shambolic’ organization at Greek game

Irish fans attending the Euro 2024 qualifying game against Greece at the OPAP Arena in Athens on Friday have taken to social media to complain about the "shambolic and dangerous" organization at the match after they were stranded outside the stadium after kick-off after an apparent issue with the turnstile gates. 

Is a logo a threat to an ancient theater?

A cynic would say that it's just another of the many online arguments that kick off every so often: The logos of Levi's, McDonalds, Apple, Marlboro and other American corporate giants that make up part of the set in the Greek National Opera's production of "Madama Butterfly" which is currently on at the Herod Atticus Theater have sparked outrage on social media.

Impressive performances at the 2023 World Cheerleading Championships

Greek teams and Greek pairs put in impressive performances at the 2023 World Cheerleading Championships held in Orlando in the United States. 

After winning first place in the 2022 European Championships, the Senior Cheer Jazz team was ranked fifth in the world at the 2023 World Cheerleading Championships. 

Why Is Bingo So Popular In The Uk?

Bingo is so popular in the UK that one would be forgiven for thinking that the game originated in the UK. However, this is not the case. This game started in Italy as a lottery before traversing other regions and making it to the US, where it became commercialized. Soon afterward, the game became mainstream in the US and other regions, especially the UK.

Homage to Maria Callas with a grand ‘Medea’

In a tribute marking the centennial of Maria Callas' birth, the Greek National Opera is premiering Luigi Cherubini's "Medea" on Tuesday. This major international co-production involves three leading North American opera houses: the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, the Canadian Opera Company and the Lyric Opera of Chicago.