Dozens of People Enter the Cold Waters to Celebrate Epiphany Breaking the Anti-Covid Rules

Dozens of men set foot in the waters of Tundzha river in Kalofer for the traditional ritual of saving the cross, and to play the famous male ethnic dance of the Epiphany.

Due to the pandemic, there was no official organization, but many people gathered to follow tradition. Law enforcement forces tried to stop the dance, but it still happened.

New Zealand Casino License Overview

Gambling is prevalent in New Zealand, and it's even better since the operations are adequately legislated and regulated by the government. Gambling is legislated by the Gambling Act of 2003 and its 2005 and 2015 amendments. As for the regulation, three bodies are in charge, but when it comes to issuing licenses, the Department of Internal Affairs takes care of this.

Bucharest Best Comedy Film 2020 - a tour of the world from 10 different cinematographic perspectives

Bucharest Best Comedy Film 2020, which will take place between December 1 and 10, can be watched on the ComedyEst television channel, a premiere in the world of film festivals. The "Grigore Vasiliu Birlic" Cultural Association, which organizes the event, proposes at this second edition a tour of the world from 10 different cinematographic perspectives.

More people go to theaters, as number of cinemagoers drop

The number of people going to theaters increased, while the number of cinemagoers took a nosedive when compared to the previous year in Turkey, data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) showing statistics for 2019 released yesterday showed.

The number of moviegoers in the country decreased by 12.8 percent compared to 2018, a drop to around 56.5 million during the year. 

Movies with a view on Lycabettus Hill

The City Drive-In on the iconic Lycabettus Hill overlooking the capital has been drawing large numbers of movie lovers since screenings began last Friday. More City Drive-Ins are expected to crop up this summer, which apart from the outdoor experience they offer are also convenient as audiences don't have to worry about social distancing requirements.