Three Cannabis Growing Greenhouses Outfitted with High-Tech Equipment Busted in Sofia

Police has busted three high-tech outfitted greenhouses for cultivating cannabis in a former industrial building in Nova Mahala locality in Sofia Vrazhdebna district. This happened during a special police operation.

Five people were also detained in the raid - all with criminal records, two of them previously convicted.

Generations of Albanians Lived off Cannabis Production. Can They Stop?

Some 3,739 were convicted, including Valentina, but her brush with the law hasn't stopped her. Valentina's persistence is testimony to the deep roots of cannabis cultivation in rural regions of Albania, where poverty is rife and cannabis is seen as a financial lifeline. Police collusion also remains common.

Police dismantle illegal cigarette plant

Police said on Thursday they located a fully equipped illegal tobacco processing and production plant as part of an organized operation in an area of Attica.

Four people were arrested in connection with the case, accused of being members of a criminal organization and running the factory. The case file also includes the landlord, who is being sought by police.

Cannabis nursery dismantled in downtown Athens

Police in Athens on Thursday were questioning a 37-year-old Greek man in connection with a hydroponic nursery where cannabis was being cultivated that was raided by officers in the neighborhood of Exarchia on Wednesday.

The nursery was fully equipped to produce and package cannabis for distribution in Exarchia and the broader area, according to police.