Police Officers Discovered Modern Marihuana Greenhouse in Sofia

Metropolitan police officers have revealed a modernly equipped greenhouse for marihuana growing, the Ministry of Interior announced. A man with criminal past is detained.

A number of air ducts, air conditioners, and other items and materials supporting the growth and development of marihuana have been seized and in the search of a service room, adapted as a marihuana greenhouse.

Over 90% of the Tobacco Harvest 2019 in Bulgaria is Pricked Off

90% of tobacco harvest 2019 in Bulgaria is pricked off. The volumes achieved in the four varieties grown in the country are different, but close to each other. Of the small-scale Oriental variety groups "Kaba Kulak" and "Basma", 97% and 100% have been pricked off respectively. In the large variety group Burley, the pricked off areas are over 85%, and Virginia - nearly 75%.

Light Cannabis is Already Legally Sold in Belgium

The substance will also be distributed in the places where are selling cigarettes, reported NOVA TV. 

The Belgian authorities have resolved the free sale of so-called "light" cannabis, local media reported. In the future, the plant will be sold even in stores for cigarettes, not just as in the past, only in specialized stores, BTA said.

Bulgarian Tobacco Growers Received over BGN 80 Million

State Fund Agriculture (SFA) transferred over BGN 80 million (80,038,268 leva) subsidies to 41,116 farmers under the Transitional National Tobacco Support Scheme, decoupled from production. This was announced by the SFA.
The funds under the scheme are laid down in the State Budget Act for 2019 and are approved by the Management Board of SF "Agriculture".