Slovenian govt, NGOs welcome bolder EU greenhouse gas emissions goal

Ljubljana – The government and environmental NGO have welcomed the EU summit’s decision to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 by at least 55%. The Environment Ministry believes the goal is realistic, whereas the NGOs would like it even more ambitious. A climatologist meanwhile says that for a true global impact, the EU should get China and the US on board.

Polish Students Strike against Education Minister

"Going out onto the streets and protesting in a traditional manner is associated with risk, so for the moment we are focused on organising our actions online, in a safe manner," said Kozak. "For now, this is a warning strike, but we might escalate it if our request to dismiss the education minister is not heard."

Many Schools throughout Iran are Closed because of the Dirty Air

Iranian authorities have ordered  several schools in in Tehran and several other cities in the country to be closed today because of the dangerous air pollution, health reports stated.

Tehran lay under a thick cloud of smog considered hazardous to health for several days now. Yesterday, the cloud could be seen from the valleys more than 20 kilometers north of the city.