Sofia and other European Capitals Demand Uniform Measures Against Transport Emissions

Sofia, together with eight other European capitals - Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Copenhagen, Vienna, Brussels and Helsinki, sent a joint letter to European institutions, which calls for uniform measures against air pollution from transport, inform Sofia Municipality, reports investorbg. 

5,000 'Dieselgate' deaths in Europe per year: Study

Emissions from diesel cars rigged to appear eco-friendly may be responsible for 5,000 air pollution deaths per year in Europe alone, according to a study published Sept. 18.

The numbers are in line with previous assessments of deaths due to the so-called "Dieselgate" scandal, which erupted when carmaker Volkswagen admitted in 2015 to cheating on vehicle emissions tests.

What does the comfort of women to walk on the streets depend on?

Sabri Çelebi went on the streets with a machete during the Gezi Park Protests in Istanbul in 2013 and attacked protesters. He injured a woman by kicking her and a policeman from his hand. He was caught but released immediately afterwards. He went abroad. The ruling for his release was rejected.

Turkish man barred from donating blood after US official cites Chernobyl disaster

A Turkish man living in the U.S. state of Florida was disqualified from donating blood after an official cited him as living in Turkey, which shares the Black Sea with Ukraine, at the time of the 1986 accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, daily Habertürk reported on July 31.