Environmental science

People in Sofia Are Breathing Cleaner Air

The situation with the cleanliness of the air in the capital is improving, said Alexander Simidchiev, chairman of the "Air for Health" Association.

However, the World Health Organization has lower levels of air pollution, and here we follow the European pollution levels, he explained. Yesterday was the World Lung Day - the organ that is directly related to the purity of the air.

The Business is Ready for National Protests if the National Assembly Refuse to Review the New Noise Control Act

Business representativeс insisted on separation of parties and quiet zones in major cities and resorts. This was required after the official introduction of the new Noise Control Act. According to the chairman of BAZ Richard Alibegov, the changes were made without official public discussion and without consultation with the businesses.

Checks find air quality in burned areas near normal

Tests carried out by the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) to measure air quality in the parts of east Attica hit by deadly wildfires last July were reassuring, with only one of the six pollutants gauged showing higher readings.

The results of the checks, conducted in Mati and Rafina, were presented Tuesday by the Region of Attica.