Environmental science

Istanbul municipality to take action against noise pollution

The Istanbul Municipality has taken a series of precautions in an attempt to control and prevent noise pollution throughout the city, with transport routes being the first priority.

The municipality prepared various "Strategic Noise Maps" in the city focusing on highways, airports, railway systems and industrial facilities in Istanbul, authorities said in a statement. 

Hundreds dead, 1 million displaced in Asia from monsoon floods (pics+vids)

Monsoons have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people across Asia as rescue workers tried to access remote areas in India, Myanmar and Pakistan in the wake of floods and landslides. Indian authorities estimate 120 people have been killed in recent days, while more than a million have been displaced as heavy rains made the situation even worse.

Bulgaria Registers Increased Air Pollution Levels

Air pollution in Sofia with fine dust particles has been detected over the past one year.

The official statement was made in a report prepared by the monitoring department to the State Environmental Agency, the Bulgarian National radio reported.

There currently are 50 stations on air control across the country, with six in the capital Sofia.