EODY: 3,199 new cases, 43 deaths nationwide in last 24 hours, focus on Thessaloniki,

As the number of COVID-19 cases, deaths, and intubations gradually rise, authorities and experts are turning their attention to northern Greece, where an exceptionally low vaccination rate and a high number of cases has placed Thessaloniki and the broader region into the high-risk red zone.

A total of 15,598 people have died of COVID-19 in Greece since the start of the pandemic.

Face Masks Mandatory on Spanish Beaches over This Summer

Anyone planning a holiday to Spain this summer will now have to wear a mask on the beach.

Spanish government tightened the rules on Tuesday, making it mandatory for all people aged six and over to wear face coverings 'on public streets'.

The new decree also makes it obligatory in 'outdoor spaces and in any closed space that has a public use or is open to the public'.

Covid-19: Norway Will Impose New Restrictions to Contain the Virus

Scandinavian country Norway will be introducing new tougher restrictions and measures amid concerns about rising coronavirus cases.

Serving alcohol will be banned in establishments and at events nationwide.

Private gatherings outside of one's own household with more than five people are also forbiden.