Infectious Disease Specialist: At Least 2,5 M Bulgarians Have Had Covid-19

"People who have been exposed to Covid-19 in Bulgaria are many times more than the official statistics reports. The real number of people who have had the disease is at least 2.5 million,"Dr. Trifon Valkov from the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Sofia stated in the morning program of Nova TV.

WHO Reports 20-Percent Decrease in Covid-19 Mortality Rate

The number of coronavirus infections worldwide has decreased by 11% during the period of February 15-21, while the number of fatalities has decreased by 20% compared to the previous week. A decrease in incidence has been occurring for six weeks in a row, according to the World Health Organization's (WHO) weekly epidemiological update published in Geneva on Wednesday.

"We will come to the situation that we have to introduce more drastic measures" VIDEO

"A lot of unpleasant images during the holidays. I can tell you that 1.581 surveillance was carried out in central Serbia during the holidays. What is worrying is that most of the measures were violated in big cities and winter ski centers. A large number of mandatory sentences have been delivered", Gojkovic said.

Gallup International Balkan: One-Third of Bulgarian Have Already Had Covid-19

A large number of Bulgarians seem to have already been exposed to COVID-19 and recovered. That's according to opinion polls by Gallup International Balkan.

The data are from an independent face-to-face survey, part of the agency's regular program. The survey was conducted 4-12 February among 1,011 adult Bulgarians across the country.

More than 110.000.000 infected

The largest number of infected are in the United States - more than 18 million people, followed by India with almost 11 million infected, and Brazil with 9.9 million.
Russia is on the fourth place in the world and the first in Europe with more than four million cases of COVID-19.