Epidemiology of obesity

Greek boys the fattest in Europe, according to study

Greece has the highest proportion of obese boys in Europe (16.7% of the population), while Malta has the most obese girls (11.3%), according to a new international study published in the medical journal “The Lancet” , on occasion of World Obesity Day on 11 October.
Moldova has the smallest obesity rates in Europe (3.2% of the population) and 5% in boys .

Bulgaria Ranks 5th in Europe in Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is still an issue of concern in Bulgaria, with the country keeping its fifth spot among European states according to that criteria.

The announcement was made by Svetoslav Handzhiev, who heads the Bulgarian Association for the Study of Obesity and Related Diseases (BASORD), on the occasion of World Obesity Day, according to the Bulgarian News Agency (BTA).

Bulgaria Has Fifth Largest Share of Obese Children in Europe - WHO

According to the latest figures of WHO, which were presented in Prague on Wednesday, Bulgaria has the fifth largest share of obese or overweight children under the age of five in Europe.

The results of an obesity forecast exercise, which were revealed at the European Obesity Conference, showed that the share of obese or overweight children in Bulgaria was 19.8 %.

Obesity Problem Grows in Romania

Almost 15 per cent of Romania's 4.5 million children are also obese, the Eurostat report said, and the number of grossly overweight children has doubled over the past eight years.

"The main causes of obesity among children are unhealthy lifestyles and the consumption of junk food, which has replaced at least one regular meal a day for many," said Romanian doctor Gabriela Roman.