Doctor dies of malaria contracted during UN mission

A doctor from Serbia's military clinic VMA has died from a grave form of malaria she contracted as a member of a UN mission in Central African Republic.

Olivera Jovanovic was admitted to the Clinic for Infective and Tropical Diseases on July 6 in a serious conditions and exhibiting signs of multiple organ failure, the Ministry of Defense announced on Tuesday.

Another Six Pelicans Die at Bulgaria's Srebarna Nature Reserve

Six pelicans have been found dead at the Srebarna nature reserve in northeastern Bulgaria on Monday, BTA news agency reported.

The cause of the death wasn't immediately known.

The find takes to 27 the dead bodies of pelicans found in the nature reserve, a World Heritage Site located on a freshwater lake of 900 hectares on the border with Romania.

MPs adopt law on prevention, diagnosis of rare diseases

BELGRADE - Members of the Serbian parliament adopted Friday a so-called "Zoja's Law," under which doctors who are unable to establish a diagnosis in six months' time are to order blood and tissue samples of patients to be sent to laboratories abroad at the government's expense.

All of the MPs present at the vote cast their votes in favor of the law.

Migrant detention center TB case not contagious, doctors assure

Doctors at the Sismanoglio Hospital in Athens on Friday confirmed that a 33-year-old Pakistani national transferred from the migrant detention center of Amygdaleza, north of the capital, after showing symptoms of tuberculosis is not contagious.

There is no risk that other inmates or guards have been infected, hospital authorities assured.