Government open to new restrictions, if necessary, says minister

The Greek government may decide to impose additional restrictions, "even unexpectedly," to limit the spread of the coronavirus if it is deemed necessary, Minister of State Giorgos Gerapetritis said on Thursday.

"You cannot rule out any measure. If we need to ban activities again, we will do so if necessary," he told Skai radio station on Thursday morning.

‘Shocked’ by overcrowding on Epiphany, says health expert

Manolis Dermitzakis, professor of genetics at the University of Geneva, said on Thursday he was "shocked" by the crowding he saw in the streets and the images of some faithful receiving Communion from the same spoon on Wednesday, when the Orthodox Church celebrates the feast of the Epiphany.

Dozens of People Enter the Cold Waters to Celebrate Epiphany Breaking the Anti-Covid Rules

Dozens of men set foot in the waters of Tundzha river in Kalofer for the traditional ritual of saving the cross, and to play the famous male ethnic dance of the Epiphany.

Due to the pandemic, there was no official organization, but many people gathered to follow tradition. Law enforcement forces tried to stop the dance, but it still happened.

Today is One of The Bigest Orthodox Holidays - Epiphany or Jordan's Day

The Orthodox Church today celebrates the Epiphany - Jordan's Day, which is the third most important Christian holiday of the year.

It is one of the twelve feasts of the Lord and the Mother of God, known as the Baptism of the Lord, Epiphany or Jordan's Day, informs BTA.

On 6 December Bulgarians Celebrate Epiphany, Yordanovden

Today, 5 January is the Epiphany's Eve. It is believed that the night before the holiday itself has a strong magical charge and if you wish for something this night you will for sure receive it.

The holiday is associated with the faith in the magical and healing powers of water, its ability to "remember" and the people's reverence for water's life-giving properties.