Antalya zoo home to newborn species

With the arrival of spring, the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Zoo and Wildlife Park has welcomed 150 new babies of different species. Among them are zebra, mountain goat, and lemur.

One of the largest zoos in Turkey with vast natural habitats and a growing population, the Antalya Zoo is home to 1,580 animals of 140 species.

Electric vehicles to hit roads in car-free Prince’s Islands

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has brought electric vehicles to be used on the Princes' Islands (Adalar), off Istanbul's coast, after a ban on horse-drawn carriages as a result of the killing of dozens of horses due to an outbreak of glanders and years-long animal rights activism against what advocates called the ill-treatment of horses.

Santorini donkeys gets some respite with ban on obese tourists

Greece's Ministry of Agriculture has introduced new rules to protect the donkeys of Santorini, including a riding ban on tourists who weigh more than 100 kilograms (220 pounds), following a campaign by animal rights groups saying that burdening the donkeys with excessive loads is tantamount to torture.

Russian wife sues Turkish husband over 'elephant' insult as English racehorses caught in divorce dispute

A Turkish court has ruled to seize more than a dozen English Thoroughbreds owned by a Turkish man as a measure in an ongoing divorce case in which he was accused by his Russian wife of calling her as "fat as an elephant."

Why Horses Die of Cold and Hunger in the Mountains?

Dozens of horses were left to die of cold and hunger high in the Osogovo Mountain. A campaign of environmentalists was held on Sunday. A whole herd of animals has been abandoned by their owner at random over the past few months.

The horses were blocked by the snow and there was nothing to eat at all. They are owned by businessman Petar Pishtalov from Kyustendil, NOVA reports.