We chose Büyükada because it had cheapest hotel: Released Amnesty International head

The human rights activists who were detained by police at a meeting in July chose Büyükada for the event because the cheapest hotel they could find was there, recently released Amnesty International Turkey Director İdil Eser has said.

Amnesty chief visits jailed Turkey director in prison

The secretary general of Amnesty International has visited the rights group's jailed Turkey director and called for her release, along with seven other activists being held in pre-trial detention for allegedly aiding a terror group. Salil Shetty told reporters on Sept. 9 outside a prison on the outskirts of Istanbul that Amnesty's Idil Eser was doing well.

Amnesty Int'l chief complains after not being allowed to visit jailed Turkish colleague İdil Eser

Amnesty International Secretary General Salil Shetty on Sept. 6 was not permitted to visit the organization's Turkey director İdil Eser, who was jailed on "terrorism" charges two months ago.

During his visit to Turkey, Shetty applied for authorization to visit to Eser in Istanbul's Silivri Prison but he was not received at the prosecutor's office at the prison.

Berlin 'concerned over deterioration of jail conditions' of German rights activist in Turkey

German Foreign Ministry spokesperson Martin Schafer has said the German government is concerned about the potentially worsening jail conditions of human rights activist Peter Steudtner, who was recently transferred to Istanbul's Silivri Prison, Deutsche Welle has reported. 

Germany calls on Turkey to release local chair, director of Amnesty International

The chairman of the German Parliament Bundestag Committee on human rights, Matthias Zimmer, has urged Turkey's ambassador to Germany over the detention of two human rights activists working for Amnesty International, calling on Turkey to release them.

Police detain 12 at meeting in island hotel in Istanbul

Police have detained 12 people, including the Turkey head of Amnesty International, İdil Eser, at a meeting on an island near Istanbul.

They had gathered at a hotel on Büyükada island in the Marmara Sea when they were taken to a police station on July 5. It was not clear why they were being held and they had not been given access to lawyers.

Interactive: Simulator for Turkey's general elections

This simulator lets you make projections and consider scenarios for today's general elections in Turkey. Turkish visual designer Deniz Cem Önduygu, software engineer Eser Aygün and data scientist Amaç Herda?delen, who are the founding partners of the website Çilek A?ac? (Strawberry Tree), had explained the election simulator they created to Hürriyet Daily News on May 2.